Bread Machine Cheese Bread

This easy-to-make cheddar bacon bread is perfect for any occasion, and it's sure to become a new family favorite.

Bread maker cheese bread recipe has just the right amount of cheesy goodness with bits of crispy salty bacon.

First add the warm 100 - 110 ℉ water first, followed by the butter.

Add the grated cheese, crisp bacon, and beaten egg at this time also.

Add the sugar, salt, bread flour, and very last, the active dry yeast.

Program your bread maker to the "Basic" setting for a 1 ½ lb loaf with a light or medium crust, and turn it on to start mixing.

Remove the bread from the bread maker baking pan when the program is complete.

Allow your fresh baked cheddar bacon bread to cool before slicing and serving!

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