Hocus Pocus Cookies

Hocus Pocus sugar cookies look awesome and have great party appeal.

You can find the neon gel colorants at Walmart and Kroger in the cake mix and baking ingredients aisle.

Divide the sugar cookie dough into three equal portions.

Add one of the gel food colors to each small bowl of cookie dough. Mix in each bowl using a spoon.

Pinch off twelve equal size portions from each colored ball of sugar cookie dough.

Lay the sugar cookie dough in piles on a tray, one of each of the three colores

Roll the three color Hocus Pocus cookies in a plate filled with Halloween sprinkles.

Place sprinkle topped Hocus Pocus Cookies on a bakingtray and bake.

Cool the Hocus Pocus Sugar Cookies on a cooling rack.

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