Baked Ube Leche Flan Recipe

Ube leche flan is a delicious Filipino dessert made colored with purple yams.

This ube leche flan recipe uses twelve egg yolks. Yes, that's a lot! It's what gives it a rich, silky texture.

You can use half & half instead of milk for an even more creamy custard!

Prepare the caramel sauce first, pouring it in each individual l rameikin dish.

Separate the eggs, saving the whites for another recipe.

mix in milk, ube extract, condensed milk, and vanilla.

Pour custard on top of the caramel layer in each ramekin.

Make the Bain Marie: Cover with aluminum foil and add warm water in the exterior pan

After baking, refrigerate for 4 hours. Flip out onto a saucer to serve.

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